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Raising Kids to Thrive: Balancing Love With Expectations and Protection With Trust

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ISBN : 9781581108675

by Kenneth R. Ginsburg

Pediatrician Ken Ginsburg has been guiding parents for many years, and now his teenage daughters, Talia and Ilana, have joined him in writing Raising Kids to Thrive: Balancing Love With Expectations and Protection With Trust. Offering essential tips on fostering resilience, this book helps parents understand how they can balance unconditional love and still set high expectations for their children, as well as recognize when to set boundaries and when to get out of kids' ways so they can learn lessons firsthand. This book will help parents - Raise kids who will succeed now and far into the future. - Understand why helicopter or "tiger" parenting undermines successful development. - Be a stable beacon their children will turn to for guidance and self measurement. - Build the kind of relationship they hope to have with their child. - Reduce their children's anxiety (and their own!) as they venture out into the world of adulthood. Combining Dr. Ginsburg's breadth of experience with the perspective of his daughters and more than 500 adolescents who participated in the youth view chapters, Raising Kids to Thrive offers a fresh take on how to successfully parent teens in today's complicated world.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781581108675
  • Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Publication date: 3/24/2015
  • Pages: 200


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