Multicultural Neurorehabilitation: Clinical Principals for Rehabilitation Professionals



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published date: 30 Oct 15

by Jay M. Uomoto, Tony M. Wong

Much is known about the impact of multicultural diversity on health care delivery, yet there has been a paucity of information on its effects in regard to neurorehabilitation. This guide to rehabilitation practice for individuals who have suffered brain injury or disease emphasizes the importance of considering ethnicity and culture when designing and implementing effective treatment programs. The first book written on this topic, it is based on the premise that injuries affect not only the brain, but also a person who is a member of a particular ethnic or cultural group. The interpersonal context of a brain disorder affects not only how a trauma or injury is expressed, but also how the patient and family deal with medical professionals and how rehabilitation programs must be tailored to ensure effectiveness.

This resource includes contributions from prominent scientists and practitioners who bring to the book their expertise in neurorehabilitation with culturally diverse populations and settings. Chapters address diversity and the epidemiology of acquired brain injury, specific populations in the neurorehabilitation setting, the process of neurorehabilitation as it is affected by cultural variables, training in cultural competency, disability culture, military and veteran culture, and other special topics that range from indigenous healers to spirituality and religious diversity. With its scholarly yet practical orientation, the book will be of value to clinicians, researchers, administrators, and policy makers in neurorehabilitation as they seek the in-depth understanding and sensitivity needed to ensure the best possible outcomes.


    • Presents essential information on designing and implementing rehabilitation programs that consider ethnicity and culture
    • Addresses the specifics of many different cultures and populations as they relate to neurorehabilitation
    • Includes such special topics as disability culture, military and veteran culture, spiritual and religious diversity, and much more


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ISBN-13: 9780826115157
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Pages: 336



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