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USCAP Dermatopathology in the Desert: Dodging Bullets in the Dermatopathology Wilderness 2021 (Videos)


Format: 9 Videos +11 PDFs

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published date: 27 Oct 21


Differentiating neoplastic from non-neoplastic disorders is one of the most difficult diagnostic challenges in pathology. Accurate diagnosis is paramount to initiate the appropriate treatment. It requires specific skills which often include at least some degree of clinical knowledge, awareness of the broad morphologic range and familiarity with ancillary tests. Errors in the interpretation of skin biopsies, especially in relation to melanocytic tumours, are among the most frequent causes for litigation in surgical biopsy and can lead to unfavorable patient outcomes. There are numerous pitfalls that diagnostic pathologists need to be aware of, including lack of relevant clinical information, sampling error and the wide morphologic spectrum of both inflammatory and neoplastic disorder, often showing overlapping findings and only subtle differentiating features. This special course will elevate your knowledge and polish your diagnostic skills as you interact with experts in a uniquely intimate mentoring environment.


  • Understand the wide morphologic spectrum of cutaneous tumors and associated diagnostic challenges
  • Learn about recent developments in dermatopathology
  • Learn how to integrate clinical information and ancillary tests to achieve a better and more precise diagnosis
  • Understand the appropriate use and limitations of immunofluorescence testing in dermatopathology

Topics/Speakers : 

  • Inflammatory Dermatitides: The Lichenoid/Interface Reaction Pattern - Scott W. Binder, MD
  • Immunobullous Diseases: Lessons Learned in the Clinic and at the Microscope - Julia S. Lehman, MD
  • Difficult Melanocytic Lesions with Insights into Underlying Molecular Mechanisms - Iwei Yeh, MD, PhD
  • Malignant Skin Adnexal and Epidermal Tumors - Thomas Brenn, MD, PhD, FRCPath
  • Inflammatory Dermatopathology and Clinicopathologic Correlation - Julia S. Lehman, MD

Release Date : Septermber 10-12, 2021


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