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The 10-Minute Physical Exam : recognizing medical syndromes (EPUB3 + Converted PDF)


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published date: 18 Nov 21


The 10-Minute Physical Exam ̶ recognizing medical syndromes, is a training manual directed at all who seek to improve skill, confidence, and clinical diagnosis in physical examination. The two-part manualdeparts from traditional manuals.

  •  In part one, sole emphasis is ondeveloping a consistent, easily performed, whole body screening examination that lessens the likelihood of missing detectable clinical signs, that often occur with unstructured and inconsistent routines. The routine is sequenced in four parts,the mini-exams, that conform to the patient's physical position during the examination and, once practiced and perfected, are combined into a single fluid routine that can be completed in less than ten minutes.
  • Proper gown and draping techniques allow discrete but adequate exposure of the body.
  • Part two is a compendium of 51 medical syndromes, each with a list of potential clinical signs and a facing page with an annotated patient figure, in color. The purpose is for interest and to serve as a reminder that clinical diagnosis requires knowledge of the clinical signs of medical conditions. There are additional blank ages and figures for readers to add their own syndromes.

This is an attractively illustrated manual that will become a cherished resource for any clinician.

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  • Publisher: Clifford Chan-Yan; May 31, 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781777450304



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