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MRIOnline Imaging Mastery Series: Image-Guided Abscess Drainage in Interventional Radiology 2021 (Videos)


Format: 27 Videos

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published date: 21 Oct 21

When we think of Interventional Radiology, we think of vascular procedures and non-vascular procedures. In the non-vascular realm, the first thing that comes to mind is abscess drainage. This course will help the learner understand the causes, indication, contraindications, and procedural steps associated with image-guided abscess drainage.

Objectives : 

After completing this course, you will be better able to:

  •       Apply appropriate search patterns to ensure high quality case assessment
  •       Identify key anatomical landmarks, variations, and abnormalities on imaging
  •       Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
  •       Formulate definitive diagnoses and limited differentials


Abscess Recognition
Learning Case: Left Flank Pain in a Woman with Hepatitis C
Learning Case: Unexplained Abdominal Pain in a Man with Grave’s Disease
Abscess Variations
Abscess Variation Considerations
Indications & Contraindications
Learning Case: Suspicious Abdominal Mass in a Male with Polycystic Kidney Disease
Learning Case: Small Bowel Obstruction in a Woman with Advanced Colon Cancer
Learning Case : Weakness and Dysuria in a Man with History of Crohn’s Disease and Recent Colostomy Creation
Route Planning
Trocar Technique
Seldinger Technique
Needle Aspiration and Catheterization
Example of Image Guided Abscess Drainage
Learning Case: A Persistent Collection after Drainage in a Septic Woman
Learning Case: Wedge-Shaped Renal Hypodensity in a Woman with Complex Surgical History
Alternate Access for Pelvis Abscesses
Transvaginal Approach to Deep Collections
Transrectal Approach to Deep Collections
Transgluteal Approach to Deep Collections
Learning Case: A Man with Dysuria and Urinary Retention
Learning Case: Abdominal Pain in a Young Woman with Recent Perforated Appendicitis

Release Date :  September 7, 2021



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