MedVaristy Certificate Course in Mechanical Ventilator (Videos)

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published date: 12 Jul 21

Course overview

The Certificate Course in Mechanical Ventilator offered by Medvarsity Online aims to provide comprehensive knowledge in mechanical ventilation and its different modes. The training will equip healthcare professionals in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with the knowledge to operate the mechanical ventilators.

Did you know that in India, around 5 million patients are admitted to the ICU every year? Yes, this implies that the country requires 50,000 ICU professionals trained to provide accurate therapy for these patients. Mechanical ventilators are crucial equipment required in ICUs and emergency departments to provide respiratory support. And you will learn all about it with the Mechanical Ventilator training.

The course will run for 2 months. The Mechanical Ventilator programme will cover the operational and physiological aspects of mechanical ventilators. Moreover, you will learn about advanced monitoring of lung function during conditions like ARDS, Covid-19 and obstructive lung disease.

You will receive a Certificate in Mechanical Ventilator when you pass each course level and complete the modules. Healthcare professionals who work in ICUs, physicians, final year medical graduates, medical interns, and intensive care nurses are well-suited for the course.

Who it is for

General physician Nurse

The Mechanical Ventilator certificate course is ideal for:

  • Physicians (MBBS, AYUSH)
  • Intensive care nurses
  • Final year medical interns and graduates
  • Healthcare professionals who work in the ICU

What you will learn

Knowledge of medical technology

Medvarsity Online’s Mechanical Ventilator syllabus will cover the following:

  • Risks related to mechanical ventilation
  • Operational and administrative aspects of mechanical ventilator
  • Various complications associated with mechanical ventilation
  • Understanding the methods of Non-invasive ventilation, its complications and applications.

The syllabus

Module 1 Introduction to Ventilators

  • Introduction
  • Types of Ventilators
  • Indications for Ventilators
  • Parts of a Ventilator (Controls, Power source, Monitor & Safety features)

Module 2 Modes of Ventilators

  • Volume Modes – Controlled Mandatory Ventilation, Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, Assisted Mandatory Ventilation, & Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
  • Additional Modes & Parameters –Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP), Inverse Ratio Ventilation, & Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • Pressure Modes –pressure-controlled/Inverse Ratio Ventilation, Pressure Ventilation Support, & Airway Pressure Release Ventilation

Module 3 Physiology of a Ventilator

  • Setting the ventilator
  • Daily Assessment of mechanically ventilated patients
  • Mechanism of Ventilator

Module 4 Extubation or Weaning

Module 5 Complications & Risks of a Ventilator

Module 6 Non-invasive Ventilation

Module 7 Ventilation in Serious conditions

  • Obstructive lung disease
  • ARDS

Module 8 Mechanical Ventilation for Covid-19 patients including Covid-19 ARDS Ventilator PEEP Titration Protocol



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