Kidney Transplantation: Efficacy, Safety and Outcomes (Original PDF From Publisher)

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published date: 13 Aug 21

Kidney transplantation is a medical procedure performed on patients with end-stage kidney disease that can increase their life expectancy by several years. However, the procedure involves some risk and potential complications. Chapter One of this monograph summarizes the current strategy for diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease-associated mineral bone disease (CKD-MBD) in kidney transplant recipients and aims to demonstrate the latest findings and therapeutic options in the field beyond recent published guidelines. Chapter Two describes the necessity of involving a psychiatrist in the transplant team to facilitate positive outcomes in kidney transplants, as psychological factors can contribute to treatment non-compliance and other issues. Chapter Three defines the surgical techniques used in living donor nephrectomy, discusses the use and reliability of these techniques in different patient groups, and examines the long-term follow-up results of donors and recipients. Lastly, Chapter Four discusses the variables involved in treating patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPCKD), whose enlarged and deformed kidneys can complicate kidney transplantation.

Publication Date: June 28, 2021
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ISBN: 978-1536197211

ISBN: 978-1536197211

eText ISBN: 9781536198232



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