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Essentials of Dermatopathology Online Board Review Course 2020 (Videos)


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published date: 03 Jan 21

The Essentials of Dermatopathology Online Board Review Course - Volume 1 is designed to meet the needs of persons actively engaged in dermatopathology training and those who are already board certified and/or currently practicing dermatopathology may benefit from this as a refresher course.

Learning Objectives
The Continuing Medical Education mission of ASDP is to improve the overall quality of dermatopathology practiced by dermatopathologists, dermatologists and pathologists. The ASDP Essentials of Dermatopathology Online Board Review Course - Volume 1 primarily offers content in 1) medically accepted diagnostic approaches applicable to routine cases; 2) medical knowledge of established clinical, histologic, immunologic and molecular basis of dermatopathology.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

-Utilize new technology to assist with a wide variety of diagnoses and treatment methods.
-Identify diseases of the nail unit and develop basic diagnostic skills in this special site.
-Recognize critical elements that lead to the diagnosis of soft tissue, adnexal, melanocytic and lymphoid neoplasms of the skin.
-Apply the most current diagnostic skills for hair-related inflammatory conditions.
-Diagnose inflammatory skin conditions including connective tissue disease, granulomatous disease, panniculitis, drug reactions, immunobullous disease, spongiotic dermatoses and vasculitis.
-Recognize and classify infectious diseases involving the skin.
-Understand and discuss recent updates in the dermatopathology literature.
-Utilize immunoperoxidase and molecular studies in dermatopathology diagnostics.
-Improve skills in clinicopathologic correlation.
-Understand and implement laboratory techniques and management.

Session List:

1   Dermatopathology Overview 61
2   Clinical Updates 71
3   Bullous & Vesicular Diseases 35
4   Introduction to Immunostaining 36
5   Drug Reactions 36
6   Infectious Diseases 41
7a   Soft Tissue Tumors (Part 1) 51
7b   Soft Tissue Tumors (Part 2) 58
8   Molecular Diagnosis of Melanocytic Lesions 42
9   Vasculitis 69
10   Adnexal Tumors 40
11   Lymphoid 52
12   Literature Updates 32
13   Laboratory Techniques 41
14   Melanocytic Lesions 41
15   Nail Pathology 37
16   Hiding in Plain Sight — Invisible or Nearly Invisible Dermatopathology 19
17   Granulomatous Disease 28
18   Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorder Involving the Skin 30
19   Alopecia 34
20   Laboratory Management 43
21   Panniculitis 29
22   Tips for Board Preparation 23
23   Spongiosis Reaction Pattern 38
24   Molecular Diagnosis Other than Melanocytic 59

Release Date: 7/29/2020




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