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Diagnostic Cutaneous Pathology, 2 Volume Set (Original PDF from Publisher)


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published date: 13 Dec 21

By Helmut Kerl


A unique macroscopic and microscopic view of the skin

The aim of this 2-volume book is to provide dermatopathologists, general pathologists and clinical dermatologists with modern standards in the diagnosis of inflammatory and other non-neoplastic skin diseases.

Dermatopathology is a highly specialized discipline, which can be defined as the microscopic and macroscopic pathology of the skin. According to this definition, the guiding principle of this book is the bridging of the histopathology of skin diseases with clinical dermatology.

From acanthoma fissuratum & acanthosis nigricans to xanthomas & Zoon’s disease

The concisely written text with alphabetical listing of disorders, is accompanied by thousands of color photographs.

Clinical & histological images

In numerous cases, clinical and histological pictures come from the same patient.

Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis (Sweet’s syndrome)

Tender dark-red to violaceous edematous papules, plaques and nodules, situated mostly on the face, upper trunk and limbs, develop especially in middle-aged women. Associated findings are fever and neutrophilia. In about 50% of patients a systemic disorder such as Crohn’s disease / colitis ulcerosa, rheumatoid arthritis or a hematologic malignancy (myelogenous leukemia, other) can be observed. Some patients reveal pustular or bullous lesions.

Variations in morphological presentations

There is not only crucial information on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of classical conditions but also the unconventional limitless variations in morphological presentations of diseases are displayed.

Patterns and structures in dermatopathology

Remarkably are chapters where patterns, signs and structures in dermatopathology, that can lead to diagnosis, are presented. In addition advances in technology including immunohistology (mostly for the identification of infectious agents) and molecular aspects have been incorporated.

The book can be regarded as one of the leading and most authoritative diagnostic reference in the area of inflammatory – non neoplastic skin pathology.


A book by world renowned dermatopathologists


Helmut Kerl

Professor of Dermatology and Chairman emeritus at the Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Graz, Austria.

Dr. Kerls research work was focused lifelong on dermatopathology. He has written over 600 scientific publications (together with colleagues), authored several books on dermatopathology, delivered numerous named lectureships worldwide and has been awarded many distinguished honors (ASDP, ISDP, ILDS). He was one of the Founders of the International Society of Dermatopathology and established the International Examination in Dermatopathology. Together with Dr. Lorenzo Cerroni he created an important center for dermatopathology in Graz where dermatopathologists from all over the world come to train. Dr. Kerl was a friend of Dr. A.B. Ackerman and one of his first fellows.

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  • 2‑volume set
  • 1400 pages
  • 4000 color photographs
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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9783902920249



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