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Blood Academy 2022 – Interactive Modules (Updated June 2022) (Complete HTML)


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published date: 24 Jun 22

Our modules range from undergraduate education to blood film, transfusion, morphology and coagulation laboratory training material.

Cases in clinical immunophenotyping

Put your knowledge to the test with our diverse selection of cases in immunophenotyping.

Basic transfusion medicine

Transfusion medicine underpins all medical and surgical disciplines. Errors in any step of the transfusion process can potentially lead to fatal consequences to patients. This module provides an overview of the major laboratory and clinical processes in transfusion medicine. It will equip you with the knowledge to prevent errors and manage a variety of transfusion related complications.

An introduction to haemoglobinopathies

This module provides a comprehensive overview of the pathophysiology of haemoglobin disorders. We also cover the main diagnostic steps and laboratory principles important in the diagnosis of haemoglobinopathies.

Principles of immunophenotyping

The flow cytometer plays an indispensable role in the diagnosis of both malignant and non-malignant conditions. This module simplifies the laboratory principles and methods involved in immunophenotyping and clinical flow cytometry. You will also review the mult-disciplinary role that this important investigation has in the diagnosis of haematological malignancies.

Management of common haematological emergencies

Haematology emergencies are a challenging group of conditions to diagnose and manage. This in-depth module provides practical and easy to understand information on the diagnosis and management of the common malignant and non-malignant emergencies.

An introduction to laboratory quality assurance

How can you trust the result released from your laboratory? Confused about the difference between internal and external quality assurance? Unclear how to solve laboratory errors raised from external quality assurance report? This module will provide you with a detailed overview of these topics and more to ensure your laboratory is safe and excel in daily practice.

Basic full blood count and blood film interpretation

The full blood count is one of the most commonly requested laboratory tests. This module guides you through the clinical interpretation of this basic but vital test. We also look at the role of the blood film and how it can supplement the results of the blood count in establishing a diagnosis.



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