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Basic Biostatistics: Statistics for Public Health Practice, 2nd Edition (Original PDF from Publisher)

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Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 42.9 MB

ISBN : 9781284036015

Basic Biostatistics is a concise, introductory text that covers biostatistical principles and focuses on the common types of data encountered in public health and biomedical fields. The text puts equal emphasis on exploratory and confirmatory statistical methods. Sampling, exploratory data analysis, estimation, hypothesis testing, and power and precision are covered through detailed, illustrative examples.The book is organized into three parts: Part I addresses basic concepts and techniques; Part II covers analytic techniques for quantitative response variables; and Part III covers techniques for categorical responses.The Second Edition offers many new exercises.With language, examples, and exercises that are accessible to students with modest mathematical backgrounds, this is the perfect introductory biostatistics text for undergraduates and graduates in various fields of public health.Features:Illustrative, relevant examples and exercises incorporated throughout the book.Answers to odd numbered exercises provided in the back of the book. (Instructors may requests answers to even numbered exercises from the publisher.Chapters are intentionally brief and limited in scope to allow for flexibility in the order of coverage.Equal attention is given to manual calculations as well as the use of statistical software such as StaTable, SPSS, and WinPepi.Comprehensive Companion Website with Student and Instructor's Resources.

Product Details

  • Item Weight:2.25 pounds
  • Paperback:648 pages
  • ISBN-10:9781284036015
  • ISBN-13:978-1284036015
  • ISBN-13:9781284036015
  • eText ISBN: 9781284066210
  • Dimensions:7.04 x 1.4 x 9.01 inches
  • Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2nd edition (February 21, 2014)
  • Language::English
  • ASIN:1284036014


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