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Auditing in the Donor Center (Original PDF from Publisher)


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published date: 21 Apr 24

The quality plan in the donor center documents the structure, responsibilities, and processes and procedures to support the objective of patient safety. Audits are used as part of the quality assurance system to verify that systems function as intended and that requirements are met. This book describes how audits document compliance, enhance a quality system, and assist with error reduction.

Some of the topics covered include auditing fundamentals, terminology, types, and criteria; quality management policies and procedures; audit preparation and planning; performing audits; analyzing data and reporting audit results, including report formats and data analysis; and audit follow-up.

Included are more than two dozen sample forms and templates specific to donor center activities. These include a sample PPE safety audit, sample “tracer” audits, sample data collection forms, a sample organizational chart and CLIA role audit, a newly changed or implemented procedures audit, a corrective action plan template, and a sample audit for supplies and reagents.

(2014, AABB Press, 76 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-893-9)



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