Quick Questions in the Shoulder: Expert Advice in Sports Medicine

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by K. Huxel Bliven

Are you looking for concise, practical answers to questions that are often left unanswered by traditional sports medicine references? Are you seeking brief, up-to-date, expert advice for common issues that can be encountered when working with athletes? Quick Questions in the Shoulder: Expert Advice in Sports Medicine provides a unique format of concise and to the point responses with clinical application, backed by the latest research on shoulder injuries among athletes. Dr. Kellie C. Huxel Bliven and her contributors present 39 common clinical questions regarding the prevention, assessment, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of the shoulder. Co-published with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Quick Questions in the Shoulder: Expert Advice in Sports Medicine provides concise answers to 39 frequently asked clinical questions. Written in a conversational tone, the authors of the individual questions represent a variety of different backgrounds and are experts in their respective field. The variety of questions and brevity of responses will make this a book that is easy to read and reference at the point of care. Some sample sections and questions include:
• Factors related to shoulder function
• How does the trunk contribute to upper extremity function and injury risk in overhead athletes?
• Injury diagnosis
• What are the best clinical tests for determining if a patient has scapular dyskinesis and to determine if it is contributing to their shoulder pain and dysfunction?
• Injury treatment and rehabilitation
• What are the most effective glenohumeral mobilization techniques and when are they most appropriate to use to improve shoulder function and range of motion?
• The overhead athlete
• What assessments should be used in screening overhead athletes to determine who is at increased risk for injury and what are the most effective injury prevention strategies? Quick Questions in the Shoulder: Expert Advice in

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ISBN-13: 9781617119842
Publisher: SLACK, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/01/2015
Pages: 248

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