Clinical Nurse Specialist Toolkit, Second Edition: A Guide for the New Clinical Nurse Specialist

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by Melanie Duffy

Praise for the First Edition:

“This is a valuable resource for new clinical nurse specialists as they begin their journey. It provides excellent guidance that will help new graduates as they negotiate new positions and develop new roles in healthcare organizations.” Score: 95, 4 stars


This is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive reference guide for new Clinical Nurse Specialists entering the field as well as seasoned practitioners looking to update their knowledge. Disseminating a wealth of current professional practice guidance and practical information on reimbursement and certification, the second edition has been fully updated to reflect changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act and the APRN Consensus Model.

Four new chapters address changes and emerging trends, expanding focus on independent practice, increasing demands on health care due to the growing population of older adults, and updated reimbursement/economic issues. This authoritative toolkit is organized in an easy-to-use, bullet-point format and includes numerous clinical examples, case scenarios, and personal anecdotes culled from the contributors’ own professional experiences.

New to the Second Edition:


  • Fully revised and updated
  • Addresses CNS practice within Affordable Care Organizations
  • Describes CNS leadership role in system-level evidence-based practice initiatives
  • Covers documentation and communication of CNS activities aligning with strategic initiatives and CNS practice priorities
  • Discusses facilitating transitions of care to assure safety and quality
  • Addresses the CNS role in interprofessional education in clinical settings


Key Features:


  • Presents crucial information on negotiating and securing a job
  • Provides advice on establishing credibility, prioritizing, and finding a mentor
  • Contains guidelines on mentoring staff, leading groups, and precepting students
  • Addresses documenting and measuring clinical outcomes
  • Describes how to network with professional organizations and community agencies
  • Offers practical guidance on applying for reimbursement and pursuing certification and licensure

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780826171924
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 02/28/2016
Pages: 250

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