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2019 ISHLT (International Society of Heart Lung Transplantation) 39Th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions (Videos)


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published date: 24 Mar 21

ISHLT’s annual meetings offer the most comprehensive review of research, including late-breaking advances, dedicated to advanced heart and lung disease, transplantation, mechanical support and related innovative therapies. From the Opening Plenary through the Symposia and Oral Abstract Sessions to the Presidential Address, ISHLT2019 offers considerable opportunity to focus on content in your specialty area. We've taken special care to cluster content by specialty in order to make the best use of your time as a participant and ensure you return home equipped with increased knowledge.

You’ll also find that ISHLT2019 offers a unique opportunity to network with a wide range of medical professionals from across the globe. Attendees regularly cite the opportunity to meet peers from other institutions, specialties and countries as one of the meeting’s highlights.

The plenary sessions will feature traditional content such as registry reports, the Presidential Address, and the Lifetime Achievement Award Address. In addition, research from the highest scoring abstracts will be selected for featured presentation to ensure the largest audience for our Annual Meeting’s best scientific content. For our Friday plenary session, our highlighted speakers will motivate us to apply novel concepts to improve clinical care and research efforts. The final plenary session again promises to entertain and inform with the President's Debate.


- 02 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 02 Future Shock Great Debates in Cardiogenic Shock
- 03 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 05 Limiting the Invasiveness of the VAD Therapy Alternative to Limited Surgical Approaches
- 04 RESEARCH SESSION 01 The Next Frontier for Thoracic Transplantation Diagnostics and Therapies
- 05 RESEARCH SESSION 03 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Anything New
- 06 RESEARCH SESSION 04 So Wrong It_s Right The Right Ventricle and MCS
- 07 RESEARCH SESSION 06 Pediatric Donor Utilization, MCS, Readmissions and More
- 08 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 07 Making Co-Morbidities Great Again Practical Updates in Co-Morbidity Management
- 09 RESEARCH SESSION 08 ISHLT Spotlight Heart Transplantation in Latin America
- 10 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 09 Re-Focusing the Blurry Vision Biomarkers of Thoracic Allograft Rejection
- 11 RESEARCH SESSION 10 Heart Donor Management and Allocation Setting It Up For Success
- 12 RESEARCH SESSION 11 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Overcoming the Hurdle
- 13 RESEARCH SESSION 12 When Short-Term Becomes Long-Term Transition from Temporary to Permanent Mechanical Support
- 14 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 13 They Tell Me I Am Irregular Why Do They Care Arrhythmias in LVAD Recipients
- 15 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 14 Part of (Their) World Discharging Patients Home with a New Device
- 16 RESEARCH SESSION 15 Pharmacotherapy in Transplantation Reading the Tea Leaves to Improve Outcomes
- 17 RESEARCH SESSION 16 Junior Faculty and Trainees Clinical Case Dilemmas The Best of the Best
- 18 RESEARCH SESSION 17 Tolerance Is All We Need in Thoracic Transplantation
- 19 RESEARCH SESSION 18 Ex-Vivo Heart Perfusion and Preservation Some Like It Hot - or Not!
- 20 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 19 Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (CLAD) The End of the Beginning
- 21 RESEARCH SESSION 20 The Beat Goes On Arrhythmias and Pacing During MCS
- 22 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 21 Short Term Mechanical Support Taking the Next Leap Forward
- 23 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 22 What Do We Do Burning Platforms in Pediatric Thoracic Transplant
- 24 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 01 In the Thick of It Hypertrophic and Amyloid Cardiomyopathies
- 25 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 02 Immunobiology of the Older Lung Transplant Recipient
- 26 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 03 From Isolated to Mainstream Evolving ECMO Strategies That Are Reshaping Outcomes
- 27 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 04 Nobody is CLAD to See AMR in Lung Transplantation
- 28 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 05 I Want to Ride My Bicycle Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) for PAH and CTEPH
- 29 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 06 Making Deals with the Devil Substances of Abuse from Pre- to Post-Transplant
- 30 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 27 Medical Management of LVAD Patients Once the Chest is Closed, the Trouble Begins
- 31 RESEARCH SESSION 24 Molecular Diagnostics in Heart Transplantation It_s All in the Genes
- 32 RESEARCH SESSION 29 Pediatric Lung Transplantation Are We Moving Forward
- 33 RESEARCH SESSION 23 Hepatitis C+ Cardiac Donors Do They Get an A+
- 34 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 25 The Magic Kingdom of the Bronchoscopy Pathogens with Real Implications and Those to Disregard
- 35 RESEARCH SESSION 26 Mechanical Lung Support for Isolated Organs and Patients
- 36 RESEARCH SESSION 28 Tissue is Not the Only Issue Advances in Thoracic Transplant Pathology
- 37 RESEARCH SESSION 31 Slaying the Dragon Hepatitis C and Thoracic Transplantation
- 38 RESEARCH SESSION 30 Get Up and Go! Predicting Survival in Heart Failure
- 39 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 32 Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) in 2019 From Research to Implementation
- 40 RESEARCH SESSION 33 Brain Attack Strokes and MCS
- 41 RESEARCH SESSION 34 Never Mind the Leaks Addressing Valvular Disease with LVADs
- 42 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 35 Bring Out Your Dead The Postmortem Evaluation in the Thoracic Transplant Setting
- 43 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 36 Learning from the Children Important Lessons from the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease VAD Experience
- 44 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 37 JHLT at ISHLT The Year in a Capsule
- 45 RESEARCH SESSION 38 Early Career Scientist Award Candidate Presentations
- 46 RESEARCH SESSION 39 Walking a Tightrope The Double-Edged Sword of Drugs after Heart Transplant
- 47 RESEARCH SESSION 41 Perfecting the Graft LVAD Pump Management, Outcomes and Medications
- 48 RESEARCH SESSION 42 Too Much or Two Little Obesity and Frailty in MCS
- 49 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 43 Changes in the World of Pulmonary Hypertension Nice or Not Nice
- 50 RESEARCH SESSION 44 Philip K. Caves Award Candidate Presentations
- 51 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 48 Advances in Short- and Long-Term Mechanical Circulatory Support - What’s Next
- 52 RESEARCH SESSION 45 Acute Cardiac Rejection New Approaches to an Old Problem
- 53 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 46 FUN and Games with FUNgal Infections in Lung Transplantation
- 54 RESEARCH SESSION 47 Back to the Basics Physiological Alterations During Continuous Flow VAD Support
- 55 RESEARCH SESSION 49 The Personal Connection Psychological Issues and Care for Donor Families, Patients and Providers
- 56 RESEARCH SESSION 50 Pulmonary Hypertension in Translation From Novel Biomarkers to Cutting Edge Clinical Results
- 57 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 07 Highways to Hell Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction
- 58 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 08 Print, Replace or Innovate Alternative Strategies to Cardiac Transplantation
- 59 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 09 MCS Infections New Twists in an Old Saga
- 60 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 10 Cardiac Reverse Remodeling in MCS State of the Art
- 61 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 11 The Mission IS Possible If You Choose to Accept it The Processes of Performing Research
- 62 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 12 A Bloody Mess Management of Hematologic Complications in Transplantation and MCS
- 64 JOINT ISHLTIPTA SYMPOSIUM SESSION 56 EBV and CMV are Not as Easy as 1-2-3 When Caring for Pediatric Thoracic Transplant Recipients
- 65 RESEARCH SESSION 51 Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy A Never-ending Story
- 66 JOINT ISHLTSCMR SYMPOSIUM SESSION 52 Cardiac MRI and the World of Heart Failure When Two Disciplines Harmonize
- 67 RESEARCH SESSION 53 Chasing the Golden Snitch Optimizing Outcomes of MCS Infections
- 68 RESEARCH SESSION 54 Swipe Right or Swipe Left Matching Donors and Recipients in Lung Transplantation
- 69 RESEARCH SESSION 55 Score Now - Or Forever Hold Your Peace Prediction and Risk in MCS
- 70 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 57 Take These Broken Lungs and Learn to Fly Great Debates for Patients with PAH Awaiting Transplant
- 71 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 58 Resilience in the Face of Calamity The Art of Preventing PTE Disasters
- 72 RESEARCH SESSION 59 Heart Transplant Short-Term Outcomes Getting it Right From the Start
- 73 JOINT ISHLTABTO SYMPOSIUM SESSION 60 Combining Experiences to Enhance Thoracic Organ Transplantation Worldwide
- 74 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 61 Making Them Count Enhancing Lung Donor Utilization
- 75 RESEARCH SESSION 62 Under New Management Novel Strategies for MCS
- 76 JOINT ISHLTICCAC SYMPOSIUM SESSION 63 Faster, Higher, Stronger Monitoring Exercise in Cyberspace
- 77 RESEARCH SESSION 64 Highlights of Challenging Topics in Pediatric Heart Transplant and MCS
- 78 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 65 All Talk, No Action New Strategies and Best Practices to Maximize Donor Heart Utilization
- 79 RESEARCH SESSION 66 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Fungus or CMV
- 80 RESEARCH SESSION 67 Diagnostics and Immunosuppression in Lung Transplantation
- 81 RESEARCH SESSION 68 LV Recovery after MCS From Promise to Reality
- 82 RESEARCH SESSION 69 Tricks of the Trade Management Considerations with Continuous Flow LVADs
- 83 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 70 Matters of Life and Death Palliative and End of Life Care in Transplant Medicine
- 84 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 71 Breaking Bad The Right Ventricle and Exercise Hemodynamics Rediscovered
- 85 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 18 So Your Patient is on ECMO ... Now What Considerations for Drug Dosing and Anticoagulation in ECMO
- 86 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 17 A Brand-New Day The New Normal in Pediatric Thoracic Transplantation
- 87 NRISE SYMPOSIUM 16 Fragility Not Necessarily Failure
- 88 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 15 Lung Transplant Candidate Selection Challenging Cases
- 89 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 13 A Fork in the Road How Can We Compare Interventional Therapies in CTEPH
- 90 SUNRISE SYMPOSIUM 14 One Size Does Not Fit All Personalized Medicine in Heart Transplantation
- 92 RESEARCH SESSION 77 Thicker than Water Bleeding and LVADs
- 93 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 76 Location, Location, and Allocation Worldwide Application of Broader Sharing in Lung Transplant
- 94 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 75 Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy Have Hope, Ye Who Enter
- 95 RESEARCH SESSION 74 Frontiers of Cost-Efficacy and Policy in Transplant and MCS
- 96 RESEARCH SESSION 73 Life on the Cutting Edge CTEPH and Surgical Management of PH
- 97 SYMPOSIUM SESSION 72 Seeing the Light Antibodies in Thoracic Transplantation
- 98 RESEARCH SESSION 80 Heart Transplant Long-Term Outcomes In It for the Long Haul
- 99 RESEARCH SESSION 79 Go with the Flow Hemodynamic Guiding Therapies in Heart Failure
- 100 RESEARCH SESSION 78 The Beginning of the End in Lung Transplantation PGD, AMR and CLAD
- 101 RESEARCH SESSION 83 What_s Holding Me Back Exercise in LVAD Patients
- 102 RESEARCH SESSION 82 Donor Lung Management Can We Do Better
- 103 RESEARCH SESSION 81 Primary Graft Dysfunction and Acute Lung Rejection
- 104 Q&A

Date of Release : April 3-6 2019 


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