Transitions in Nursing: Preparing for Professional Practice, 4th Edition

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Esther Chang, John Daly

Now in its fourth edition, Chang and Daly’s Transitions in Nursing continues to offer fresh insights and discussions around the issues and challenges faced by senior nursing students when making the transition to nursing practice.

Transitions in Nursing, 4th Edition is divided into three sections that reflect the transitional changes common to nursing students:

Section 1:

From Student to Graduate Section 2: Skills for Dealing with the World of Work Section 3: Organisational Environments

Featuring contributions from a range of leading academics and clinicians, Chang and Daly’s Transitions in Nursing, 4th Edition provides students with a number of strategies that can be tested and applied in practice. Its accessible and practical approach will appeal to nursing students while offering a valuable resource for practising nurses, nurse educators and administrators.

Chang and Daly’s Transitions in Nursing, 4th Edition will continue to challenge, motivate and support all nursing students as they transition to practising, registered nurses.

Chang and Daly’s highly respected text assists students when preparing for their first nursing role by addressing key issues such as:

• Team work
• Organisational culture
• Stress management
• Communication skills
• Professional development strategies
• Self-care.

NEW chapters: – Evidence-based practice/knowledge translation: a practical guide; – Establishing and maintaining a professional identity: portfolios and career progression; – Transition into practice: the regulatory framework for nursing
• Stronger focus on organisational culture, clinical reasoning, conflict resolution, skills and competencies, and requirements of professional portfolios
• Updated Recommended Readings and revised Case Study Reflective Questions
• All chapters have been updated to reflect current practice.

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ISBN-13: 9780729542111
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 09/11/2015
Pages: 372

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