The Scientist’s Guide to Cardiac Metabolism

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by Michael Schwarzer, Torsten Doenst

The Scientists Guide to Cardiac Metabolism

combines the basic concepts of substrate metabolism, regulation, and interaction within the cell and the organism to provide a comprehensive introduction into the basics of cardiac metabolism.

This important reference is the perfect tool for newcomers in cardiac metabolism, providing a basic understanding of the metabolic processes and enabling the newcomer to immediately communicate with the expert as substrate/energy metabolism becomes part of projects.

The book is written by established experts in the field, bringing together all the concepts of cardiac metabolism, its regulation, and the impact of disease.

  • Provides a quick and comprehensive introduction into cardiac metabolism
  • Contains an integrated view on cardiac metabolism and its interrelation in metabolism with other organs
  • Presents insights into substrate metabolism in relation to intracellular organization and structure as well as whole organ function
  • Includes historical perspectives that reference important investigators that have contributed to the development of the field

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780128023945
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 12/04/2015
Pages: 240

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