Systems Neuroscience in Depression

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Thomas Frodl

Systems Neuroscience in Depression provides a comprehensive overview of the normal and depressed brain processes as studied from a systems neuroscience perspective. Systems neuroscience uses a wide variety of approaches to study how networks of neurons form the bases of higher brain function. A broad overview is discussed starting with a background from neurodevelopment and neural understanding as well as novel treatment approaches for depression. This book covers basic developmental aspects and depressive psychopathology, as well as the basic scientific background from animal models and experimental research. Current advances in systems neuroscience are highlighted in studies from child and adolescent psychiatry. Integrated approaches are presented with regards to genetics, neuroimaging and neuroinflammation as well as neuroendocrinology. The field of systems and network neuroscience is evolving rapidly and this book provides a greatly needed resource for researchers and practitioners in systems neuroscience and psychiatry.

•Knowledge covering the whole life span from early to later life •Comprehensively written chapters developing from molecules via epigenetics and neural circuits to clinical neuroscience •Understanding the neurobiology of major depressive disorder •Integrating stress and environmental factors with molecular underpinnings •More than 25 illustrations and tables


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ISBN-13: 9780128024560
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 03/25/2016
Pages: 420

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