Methodological Issues and Strategies in Clinical Research, 4th Edition

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by Alan E. Kazdin

This third edition of the now-classic Methodological Issues and Strategies in Clinical Research is, like its predecessors, intended to assist students and professionals alike in increasing their mastery of the range of methodological approaches available with which to examine clinical issues and phenomena. Editor Alan E. Kazdin’s goal is to foster a greater understanding of the implications of decisions about methodology and design in the context of contemporary research practices. Presented are articles on experimental design; the principles, procedures, and practices that govern research; assessment of study constructs and their interrelationships; potential sources of artifact and bias; methods of data analysis and interpretation; ethical issues; and publication and communication of research findings. The book’s divisions mirror the logical and (often) the temporal order of the research process, focusing in turn on each step traversed during the course of an investigation.

With 21 new articles and significantly revised and expanded introductory material, the third edition features many scholarly contributions that explicate core concepts, survey contemporary issues in research, and elaborate on ethical responsibilities in relation both to research participants and to science itself. Additions include articles on mediators and moderators of effects, on methods for studying the efficacy and effectiveness of psychotherapy, and on ways of incorporating systematic observation and evaluation into clinical practice to improve patient care. A key concept reiterated throughout is that methodology, far from being a neutral tool for acquiring knowledge, is rather a powerful contributor to and determinant of the knowledge that one obtains.

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ISBN-13: 9781433820922
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 12/14/2015

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