Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health: A Guide for Seniors and Their Care Givers, 2nd Edition

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The Gale Encyclopedia Of Senior Health: A Guide For Seniors And Their Caregivers, 2nd edition, is a four-color, five-volume set of over 650 entries and presents authoritative, comprehensive information on all aspects of senior health. Entries follow the format of Gale health/medicine titles and cover a variety of issues related to aging: diseases/conditions; treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery; aging, general health, and death/dying; preventative lifestyle choices; and community and caregiving options. Over 400 tables and illustrations, a new foreword and thematic outline, a glossary, a list of organizations, and an index complete the set.

Features and Benefits

  • The set’s 664 entries are written by medical writers and healthcare professionals.
  • Over 400 images, including approximately 250 color photos and nearly 200 tables/charts/illustrations/graphs, illustrate the set.
  • Key Terms sidebars provide definitions to specialized vocabulary used within the text.
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor sidebars encourage readers to discuss specific concerns about diagnosis, treatment, and care with their healthcare providers.
  • Special concerns for seniors sections inform readers about specific issues relevant to seniors in entries explaining broader health topics.
  • A list of organizations, a glossary of all key terms, and an index in the back matter guide readers to additional health/support resources, offer a comprehensive definition of key terms, and allow for searchability within the set.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781573027465
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 07/10/2015
Series: Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health

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