Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager, Second Edition: Managing a Changing Workplace in a Nutshell

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by Barbara Fry

Clinical nurse managers face myriad challenges, including administrative, clinical, and interpersonal issues. This concise, practical resource offers wise guidance for nurses working in this complex, fast-paced role. Addressing common complaints and anxieties, it offers quick access to insights, proven strategies, and tools for effectively coping with such situations as institutional change, a multigenerational and multicultural workforce, resistance to change, and toxic behaviors.

Fully updated and revised, the second edition provides sound advice addressing the changing dynamics in health care that have amplified the challenges of clinical nurse management. It offers strategies for boosting staff morale during times of fear and anxiety, explains how to reclaim professional practice and focus on quality of care, advocates for nurses at senior levels, and discusses how to maintain one’s identity in an interdisciplinary setting. Designed to assist clinical nurse managers at all levels in developing new and effective ways of leading in a rapidly changing health care environment, this resource helps foster a better quality of work life and professional practice. It features concise chapters and bulleted information for quick access and at-a-glance “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” boxes. Also included are helpful tools and worksheets for managing a variety of challenges, along with the “Top 10 Fast Facts for Thriving in a Changing Workplace.”

New to the Second Edition:

  • Completely updated and revised
  • New chapter, “Who Stole the Art of Nursing?”
  • New content on fostering and nurturing therapeutic relationships
  • More information on rewards and recognition to keep staff motivated

Key Features:

  • Presents timely content ready to be applied in a professional setting
  • Presents information in an easy-to-access format with concise chapters, bulleted lists, and Fast Facts in a Nutshell boxes
  • Advocates a back-to-basics approach to clinical care
  • Packed with current, useful, and accessible information that fits in a pocket

Written by a noted author, keynote speaker, and facilitator highly experienced in helping nurses in leadership roles

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780826127891
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 12/15/2015
Pages: 240

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