Breast Cancer Screening: Making Sense of Complex and Evolving Evidence

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by Nehmat Houssami, Diana Miglioretti

Breast Cancer Screening: Making Sense of Complex and Evolving Evidence

covers broad aspects of breast cancer screening specifically focusing on current evidence, emerging evidence, and issues that will be critical for future breast screening practice such as tailored screening and shared decision-making in breast screening. The scope of the book is relevant to a global audience.

This book provides balanced perspectives on this increasingly controversial topic, using scientific evidence to explain the evolution of knowledge relating to breast cancer screening. Breast Cancer Screening covers the key points related to this debate including the context of increasingly complex and conflicting evidence, divergent opinions on the benefits and harms of breast screening, and variability in screening practice and outcomes across settings around the world.

  • Explains complex and evolving evidence on breast screening with a balanced approach
  • Provides balanced information and up-to-date evidence in an increasingly complex area
  • Addresses emerging topical issues such as screening trials of digital breast tomosynthesis, tailored breast screening, and shared decision-making in breast screening
  • Assists academics and researchers in identifying areas needing further research

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ISBN-13: 9780128022092
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 04/03/2016
Pages: 456

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