Atlas of Early Zebrafish Brain Development: A Tool for Molecular Neurogenetics

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by Dr. Thomas Mueller, Mario Wullimann

The “Atlas of Early Zebrafish Brain Development” by Thomas Mueller and Mario F. Wullimann is the first neuroanatomical expression atlas of important genetic and immunohistochemical markers of a vertebrate model system. In-situ hybridized and immunostained preparations of complete series of brain sections reveal markers of the fundamental stages in the life history of neuronal cells (proliferation/determination, migration and neuronal differentiation) in very high quality preparations and photographic plates. Early brain organization is vividly demonstrated and local variations in brain development are shown in a holistic view.

This book represents a key reference and interpretation matrix to analyze expression domains of genes involved in Zebrafish brain development and neurogenesis and thus represents a milestone in this research area. There is simply no alternative source for combined neuroanatomical and gene expression data in the Zebrafish at this level of detail.

The book introduces the reader to the field and shows principles of vertebrate brain development and neurogenesis. It will also be of great value to investigators of other model organisms such as frog, chick and mouse.

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ISBN-13: 9780124186699
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Pages: 258

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