An EMDR Therapy Primer, Second Edition

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by Barbara Hensley

“With this Second Edition of An EMDR Therapy Primer, Dr. Hensley has created a very clear step-by-step guide to assist the newly trained EMDR clinician. Not only will it help transition training into practice but also help those trained earlier who are looking to update their skills. I highly recommend this book for any EMDR clinician wanting to assure fidelity to the model and methods.” —Rosalie Thomas, RN, PhD

“I believe that Dr. Hensley has written a book that is simple, basic, and can mentor therapists who are EMDR trained and yet intimidated….This book brings us back to the basics.” —Jennifer Lendl, PhD

This is a step-by-step overview of the foundations of EMDR Therapy presented in easily accessible, conversational language. It helps both new and experienced clinicians to maximize their preparation and skills in using EMDR safely, confidently, and effectively. The second edition is fully revised to reflect the evolution of EMDR to an integrative psychotherapeutic approach and is intended for use as a companion to Francine Shapiro’s seminal EMDR texts. It has been enriched with several new case histories along with extensive examples of successful EMDR reprocessing sessions. An abundance of new information addresses EMD versus EMDR; research on the mechanism, model, and methodology of EMDR Therapy; bilateral stimulation; ancillary targets; the why and the how of many key EMDR Therapy components; prool for single and recent traumatic events; updated information about the cognitive interweave, future templates; and much, much more.

The book provides concise coverage of the AIP model and EMDR principles, prools, and procedures and addresses the types of targets accessed during the EMDR process. The book summarizes the Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy and the Stepping Stones of Adaptive Resolution—the components of the standard EMDR prool. The building blocks of EMDR Therapy—past, present, and future—are assessed with regard to appropriate targeting and successful outcomes, as are abreactions, blocked processing, and cognitive interweaves. Detailed case studies demonstrate strategies to assist the client in reaching adaptive resolution of trauma.

New to the Second Edition:

• Completely revised and updated
• Reflects the evolution of EMDR to an integrative therapeutic approach
• Expands specialized EMDR techniques
• Includes new strategies to overcome obstacles
• Presents new transcripts and case studies
• Provides “Derailment Possibilities” to alert clinicians of potential obstacles to therapeutic success
• Extensive appendices include definitions for EMDR Therapy, EMDR Therapy scripts, and additional resources

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780826194541
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Pages: 360

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