A Biographical History of Endocrinology

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by Lynn Loriaux

Establishing endocrinology as a distinct medical specialty was no easy task. This engaging volume chronicles the journey through the stories of the men �and occasional women�who shaped the specialty through the ages.

In 108 brief chapters, A Biographical History of Endocrinology illuminates the progress of endocrinology from Hippocrates to the modern day. The author highlights important leaders and their contributions to the field, including these early pioneers:

  • Kos and Alexandria, and the first human anatomy
  • Bartolomeo Eustachi and the adrenal gland
  • Richard Lower and the pituitary gland
  • Thomas Addison and adrenal insufficiency
  • Franz Leydig and testosterone secreting cells
  • Wiliam Stewart Halsted and surgery of the thyroid gland
  • John J. Abel and isolation of hormones
  • Hakaru Hashimoto and his disease


Covering all the watershed moments in the history of the profession, the book identifies key figures whose contributions remain relevant today. Their fascinating stories of experiments and studies, advocacy and adversity, and exploring unknown territory will inspire the next generation of endocrinologists and satisfy every clinician who ever wondered �how did we get here?�

This comprehensive yet concise biographical history of endocrinology will benefit not only practicing and prospective endocrinologists, but also other medical specialists and medical historians.


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ISBN-13: 9781119202462
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/11/2016
Pages: 504

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