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The PassMachine How Not to Fail Your Psychiatry Board Exam 2020 (CME VIDEOS)

Written by | 25/02/2021 | 0 comments

8 Videos + 8 MP3 + 8 PDFs
$699 ~ $40
400 Points
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Taking this course will not only improve your ABPN® exam performance and help you avoid common mistakes, it will make you a better learner for the rest of your career.

Each year, thousands of physicians take a board prep course with us. From analyzing their performances, I’ve learned what to do and, even more importantly, what NOT to do. Please join me for this detailed online course as I pull back the curtain on successful board prep

Landscape of Knowledge 1 hr
Decision Pathways 0.5 hrs
Stand-Alone Question Dissection 0.5 hrs
Extended Vignette Question Dissection 0.5 hrs
Close the Knowledge-Performance Gap 0.5 hrs
How to Study for Your Exam 0.5 hrs
How to Take Your Exam 0.5 hrs
What to Do If You Fail Your Exam 0.5 hrs

Release Date : 02/02/2020

Termination Date : 02/02/2022

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