Single Session Thinking and Practice in Global, Cultural, and Familial Contexts (EPUB)

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Single Session Thinking and Practice teaches readers how to implement single session approaches by encouraging practitioners and clients to collaborate in making the most of every encounter. Single session/one-at-a-time approaches are applicable in a multitude of settings, including clinics, private offices, medical centers, and student counseling services – and can be used both in person and online.

Leading international figures and those practicing on the front lines provide guidance for conducting SST in a variety of contexts. Chapters feature descriptions of theoretical underpinnings, pragmatic clinical examples, cross-cultural applications, research findings, service delivery models, and implementation tips.

This text will be an instant and essential reference for anyone in the fields of brief therapy, casework, and healthcare, as well as walk-in and by-appointment single session services.

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  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis; April 29, 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780367514679
  • ISBN: 9781000382266

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