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The CASTED Course An emergency orthopaedic masterclass (Videos)


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published date: 02 May 22

The purpose of this activity is to provide learners with knowledge and competence in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal injuries in emergency situations. Focusing on patients with acute MSK injuries and covering all major limb joints, this emergency orthopaedics course looks at assessment, diagnosis and care. It consists of 12 lectures, plus multi-camera tutorials, covering all major practical examination, reduction and immobilisation techniques

Target Audience

This internet-enduring material is designed for physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses practicing in the specialty of emergency medicine, critical care, and resuscitation.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • better diagnose commonly missed injuries of all major limbs and joints
  • review examinations of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle and knee
  • review reduction techniques for the hip, ankle, wrist and shoulder
  • review the principles of, and observe best techniques to splint upper and lower limbs


Module 1: Orthopaedic Principles
  •  Lecture: Orthopaedic Principles
  •  Tutorial: Introduction
  •  Tutorial: Basic Components of Splinting
Module 2: Hand Injuries
  •  Lecture: Hand
  •  Tutorial: Ulnar Gutter
  •  Tutorial: Thumb Spica
Module 3: Carpals & Wrist
  •  Lecture: Carpals & Wrist
  •  Tutorial: Wrist Examination
Module 4: Distal Radius
  •  Lecture: Distal Radius
  •  Tutorial: Short-Arm Splint: part 1
  •  Tutorial: Short-Arm Splint: part 2
  •  Lecture: Wrist Reduction
Module 5: Forearm & Elbow
  •  Lecture: Forearm & Elbow
  •  Tutorial: Elbow Examination
Module 6: Humerus, Shoulder & Clavicle
  •  Lecture: Humerus, Shoulder & Clavicle
  •  Tutorial: Shoulder Examination
  •  Tutorial: The Cunningham Technique
Module 7: Ankle & Foot
  •  Lecture: Ankle
  •  Tutorial: Ankle Exam: part 1
  •  Tutorial: Ankle Exam: part 2
  •  Tutorial: Ankle Reduction
  •  Tutorial: Below-Knee Splint
  •  Lecture: Foot
Module 8: The Hip
  •  Lecture: The Hip
  •  Tutorial: Hip Reduction
Module 9: Knee Injuries
  •  Lecture: Knee Injuries
  •  Tutorial: Knee Examination
  •  Lecture: Conclusion


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