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Swaiman’s Pediatric Neurology: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition (Original PDF from Publisher)

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Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 137.9 MB

ISBN : 9780323371018

Since 1975, Dr. Kenneth Swaiman’s classic text has been the reference of choice for authoritative guidance in pediatric neurology, and the 6th Edition continues this tradition of excellence with thorough revisions that bring you fully up to date with all that’s new in the field. Five new sections, 62 new chapters, 4 new editors, and a reconfigured format make this a comprehensive and clearly-written resource for the experienced clinician as well as the physician-in-training.

  • Nearly 3,000 line drawings, photographs, tables, and boxes
    • highlight the text, clarify key concepts, and make it easy to find information quickly.
  • A practical new configuration
    • featuring an

expanded electronic version

    • (both online and eBook format) in addition to a

one-volume condensed print version

    • New content includes 12 new epilepsy chapters, 5 new cerebrovascular chapters, and 13 new neurooncology chapters, as well as new chapters on neuroimmunology and neuromuscular disorders, as well as chapters focused on clinical care (e.g., Counseling Families, Practice Guidelines, Transitional Care, Personalized Medicine, Special Educational Law, Outcome Measurements, Neurorehabilitation, Impact of Computer Resources, and Training Issues).
    • Additional new chapters cover topics related to the developmental connectome, stem cell transplantation, and cellular and animal models of neurological disease.
    • Greatly expanded sections to increase your knowledge of perinatal acquired and congenital disorders, neurodevelopmental disabilities, pediatric epilepsy, and nonepileptiform paroxysmal disorders and disorders of sleep.
  • Coverage of new, emerging, or controversial topics includes developmental encephalopathies, non-verbal learning disorders, and the pharmacological and future genetic treatment of neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Product Details

  • Item Weight:8 pounds
  • Hardcover:1432 pages
  • ISBN-10:0323371019
  • ISBN-13:978-0323371018
  • ISBN-13:9780323371018
  • eText ISBN: 9780323374811
  • Dimensions:9 x 2.25 x 11.25 inches
  • Publisher:Elsevier; 6th edition (May 25, 2017)
  • Language::English


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