Respiratory Therapy Formulas and Calculations: Reference Guide and Practice Problems (EPUB + Converted PDF)


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published date: 09 Jan 21

Learning the Respiratory Therapy Formulas and Calculations Doesn't Have to be All That Bad

When you signed up to become a Respiratory Therapist, who knew there was so much math involved, right? I know I sure wasn't expecting it. With that said, there are some formulas, equations, and calculations that you will be required to know as a student.

No worries, this book can help you learn everything you need to know.

Inside, we're going to walk you through each calculation and break it down step-by-step so that you can ace your exams in Respiratory Therapy School. Not to mention, this information will come in handy when it's time to prepare for the TMC Exam as well. So if you're ready to get started, I'll see you on the inside.

About the Author

Johnny Lung, the founder of Respiratory Therapy Zone, is a Registered Respiratory Therapist who has helped thousands of students pass the licensure board exams through books, videos, study guides, and online courses.

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What Students are Saying

“I passed it on my first attempt, just like you said.” – Deanna H.

"They helped me pass boards on my first attempt, and thankfully they’re much more affordable than the other study guides out there." – Joy A.

"I love their practice questions! I highly recommend to their resources for the TMC Exam and Clinical Sims." – Megan L.

"Their practice questions are challenging and really make you think! So helpful!" – Susanna H.

"They keep the information basic and easy to understand without all the complicated nonsense. I highly recommend their stuff for the board exams." – Timothy H.

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