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Principles and Practice of Health Promotion and Public Health (EPUB)

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Format : EPUB

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ISBN : 9780367423445 9781000818703 9781000818710 0367423448 1032411244 0367823691 9781032411248 9780367823696


Principles and Practice of Health Promotion and Public Health brings together the disciplines and fields of study that inform the work of promoting health into one book and provides many examples of practice.

It starts with understanding ourselves and our health and continues with chapters on working in health promotion and public health; epidemiology; research methods and evidence-based practice; health psychology; communicating health; health education; health promotion; public health; health protection; arts and health; tackling tobacco, alcohol and drugs; tackling overweight; promoting health in workplaces and promoting health within the National Health Service. Together these communicate the core principles of how to prevent disease and promote health when working with individuals, communities and populations in any country across the world. The book focusses on adults’ health and includes international and UK examples. Principles and Practice of Health Promotion and Public Health complements Priorities for Health Promotion and Public Health, published in 2021. Both are core texts for those studying health promotion or public health and supplementary texts for students of healthcare and social care. They are ideal for public health practitioners and members of the wider public health workforce.

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  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis; December 30, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780367423445
  • ISBN: 9781000818703


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