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The Cardiorenal Syndrome: A Clinician’s Guide to Pathophysiology and Management

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Format : Publisher PDF

ISBN : 9780979016479

by J. Thomas Heywood MD, John C. Burnett Jr. MD

"This book stands as a landmark in the study of the cardiorenal syndrome. It will no doubt be extremely useful to the cardiovascular specialist and internist caring for the growing number of these patients. And it will be just as useful to the scientists and the trainees interested in this condition." - From the Foreword by Inder Anand, MD

Cardiorenal syndrome - the presence of significant renal insufficiency and heart failure simultaneously - constitutes one of the most vexing and difficult challenges facing clinicians and researchers today. Given the fundamental role of the kidneys in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance within the body, it comes as no surprise that renal abnormalities are inextricably linked with congestive heart failure. What is surprising is that recent data have indicated that renal dysfunction is a more critical determinant of mortality than heart failure itself.

In The Cardiorenal Syndrome: A Clinician's Guide to Pathophysiology and Management, experts from around the world clearly outline the current issues associated with this increasingly prevalent condition, provide invaluable insight into its pathophysiology, and highlight the risks, benefits, and rationales for both practical and promising prevention and treatment strategies, including:

• Diuretics
• Role of ACE inhibitors/ angiotensin receptor blockers in renal dysfunction
• New "designer" peptides for heart failure
• Inotropes and neurohormonal blockade
• Dialysis and ultrafiltration
• Renal cell therapy
• Left ventricular assist device implantation
• Renal and/or heart transplantation

While recognition of the role of renal dysfunction in the progression of heart failure is a pivotal advance, many questions about the scope and impact of this condition remain. This book serves as a touchstone for cardiovascular specialists and internists as they encounter the diverse varieties of cardiorenal syndrome and attempt to navigate the radically different and evolving therapeutic options in their quest to provide optimal individualized care for their patients.

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  • ISBN-13: 9780979016479
  • Publisher: Cardiotext Publishing
  • Publication date: 11/15/2011
  • Pages: 256


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