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Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022) (CME VIDEOS)

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Format : 85 Videos

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A curated bundle of Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease sessions presented at Heart Rhythm 2022. The education is presented in various learning formats, including Case-Based, Case-Based: Complicated Case, Debate, Core Curriculum, Abstracts, and more.
Content Overview
The Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease category contains the following sessions from Heart Rhythm 2022:

  • A Step by Step Approach to Ablating Challenging Arrhythmias (PE-379)
  • Advances in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (PE-565)
  • AI in Pediatric and Congenital EP (JS-414)
  • Avoiding Temptation (PE-371)
  • Challenging Dilemmas in Pediatric EP (PE-367)
  • Challenging Management Decisions (PE-499)
  • Clinical Conundrums in EP Clinic (PE-500)
  • Complex Ablation in Congenital Heart Disease (PE-387)
  • Debate: A CRT Device Should Be Implanted After Every Case of Surgical Complete Heart Block (PE-390)
  • Debate: VT Debate in ACHD (PE-373)
  • EP Presbyopia: Challenges That are Right in Front of Us (PE-375)
  • Fundamentals of Repolarization in Children (PE-381)
  • If You Want to Go Far, Go Together (PE-383)
  • Incorporating Incidental Data into Clinical Management (PE-388)
  • It's Our World and We Have to Run it (PE-502)
  • Master Class: Pediatric Electrophysiology (PE-384)
  • My Nightmare Case - What Would I Have Done Differently? (PE-389)
  • New and Old Questions in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (PE-382)
  • Pediatric Electrophysiology (PE-568)
  • Pediatric EP Challenges in the Next 5-10 Years: Workforce, Training, Resources (PE-376)
  • Research Makes My Practice Better (and Practice Makes Research Better) (JS-457)
  • Therapies Headed to Pediatrics (PE-501)
Learning Objectives

After watching a reasonable amount of Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022), the learner should be able to:

  • Identify and analyze the latest scientific advances and innovations in the field of heart rhythm disorders.
  • Select appropriate, evidence-directed pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with heart rhythm disorders.
  • Recognize alternative perspectives regarding areas of controversy for which scientific evidence is insufficient, controversial, inconclusive, or confusing.
  • Utilize quality improvement measures, methods, and tools to foster systems-based improvements in heart rhythm care, outcome, and value.
  • Analyze and improve processes related to inter-professional teams, care coordination, patient engagement, and communication to optimize the delivery of patient- and family-centered care.
  • Assess the impact of regulatory and institutional policies, and societal and cultural norms, on safety, timeliness, equity (including diversity and inclusion), effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centered care, and value.
  • Utilize improved communication methods to engage with patients and caregivers for increased shared decision-making in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders
  • Evaluate the latest technology available for both professionals and consumers in the field of heart rhythm disorders.
  • Recognize disparities in health care and describe strategies to reduce these disparities in patient care.
  • Utilize shared decision-making resources in discussing monitoring and treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders.
  • Describe the latest cardiac device advisories and/or recalls and explain how to share this information with patients and caregivers.
  • Explain the current and future trends in digital health that will impact the treatment of heart rhythm disorders.
  • Describe best practices for managing a device clinic, an AF center, and/or a multidisciplinary electrophysiology practice.

Learning objectives specific to the session are listed at the individual session within Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022).

Target Audience
This activity is designed for all professionals who participate in the care and management of heart rhythm disorders.


Case-Based: Complicated Case

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Lunch and Learn

Master Class


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