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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery (Progress in Epileptic Disorders) (Original PDF from Publisher)

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Edition : 1

Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 42.9 MB

ISBN : 9782742014248

Epilepsy in children may take on very different forms ranging from mild to severe disabling syndromes. For certain kinds of refractory epilepsy resistant to anti-epileptic drugs and certain kinds of etiology, surgery can reduce the number of seizures and even eliminate them altogether. However, these interventions are highly technical and require advanced technology; therefore, surgeons must have a perfect command of the techniques. Young patients who are potential candidates for surgery go through a rigorous selection process (tests and assessments). To properly treat these patients, the right imaging tests must be carried out and correctly. Surgeons must have an in-depth knowledge of their patients syndromes as well as of the surgical technique. Finally, after surgery a close follow-up must be done on patients to assess the benefits. Also included in this book is a section on unsuccessful cases in which sometimes surgery does not control the disease and on how to manage them. Very few publications exist that provide a complete overview of neurosurgery for pediatric epilepsy. In this very comprehensive book, the authors sought to compile all the information needed to properly treat these young patients. The authors address pre-surgical evaluation in children, semiology of epileptic seizures, etiology, surgical techniques, palliative surgery and following surgery. Accompanied by the most renowned international specialists from various fields, the authors have created a guide that will remain a reference in the field for over the next ten years.

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  • Publisher:Educa Books; UK ed. edition (December 15, 2016)
  • Language:English
  • Paperback:568 pages
  • ISBN-10:2742014241
  • ISBN-13:978-2742014248
  • ISBN-13:9782742014248
  • eText ISBN: 9782742015320
  • Item Weight:3.84 pounds
  • Dimensions:8.66 x 1.18 x 11.02 inches


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