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Omics Approaches for Sugarcane Crop Improvement (Original PDF from Publisher)

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ISBN : 9781032273686 9781000810899 9781000810929 1032273720 1003292429 1032273682 9781032273723 9781003292425

In this book, the information encompasses various researchable biotechnology aspects of sugarcane, its genomic structure, diversity, comparative and structural genomics, data mining, etc. This book explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of sugarcane crops, focusing on innovative processes. This book argues in favor of developing an integrated research and development system to strengthen the research and development capabilities of all the areas of sugarcane. Further, it covers the recent trends of sugarcane biotechnology, especially in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) era. This book will be very useful for professors and scientists who are working in the area of sugarcane crops by using molecular biology and bioinformatics. It is also useful for students to use as a reference for their classes or thesis projects.

Key features:

• Discusses an integral part of molecular biology and pivotal tools for molecular breeding; enables breeders to design cost-effective and efficient breeding strategies for sugarcane

• Discusses the harnessing genomics technologies for genetic engineering and pathogen characterization and diagnosis of sugarcane

• Provides new examples and problems, added where needed

• Provides insight from contributors drawn from around the globe

Product Details

  • Publisher: CRC Press; December 30, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781032273686
  • ISBN: 9781000810899


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