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NYU Neuroradiology Review and Update 2018 (Videos)


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published date: 27 Feb 20

NYU Neuroradiology Review and Update

NYU School of Medicine Clinical Update (SA-CME)

This clinical update reviews the basic principles, changing guidelines and latest imaging techniques in the field of neuroanatomy and neuropathology.

The Most Up-to-Date Imaging Techniques

This course from NYU Langone Medical Center offers a comprehensive and practical review of adult and pediatric brain, head and neck and spine imaging. NYU Neuroradiology Review and Update covers a broad range of neuroanatomy and neuropathology including cerebrovascular disorders, neoplasms, demyelinating diseases, dementias, infections, spinal disease, trauma, pediatric neuroimaging, and head and neck pathology. This course is designed to improve interpretation skills in neuroimaging and to incorporate the latest imaging techniques to enhance your clinical practice.

Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this CME activity, you will be better able to:

  • Integrate the latest neuroimaging diagnostic techniques, imaging protocols and analytical post-processing tools into their routine clinical practice
  • Describe imaging manifestations of a broad range of pathologies of the brain, spine and head and neck
  • Describe the management of neurological disorders and identify complications of disease or treatment
  • Utilize an organized, systematic approach to the interpretation of neuroimaging studies

Intended Audience

This course is intended for academic and private practice radiologists, neuroradiologists, radiology trainees, neurologists, neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists.


  • Stroke Imaging - Seena Dehkharghani, MD
  • Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - Eytan Raz, MD, PhD
  • WHO Glioma Classification Update and Genomics: What Does Every Radiologist Need to Know - Rajan Jain, MD
  • Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders - John P. Loh, MD
  • Intracranial Infections - Seena Dehkharghani, MD
  • Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus - Ajax E. George, MD
  • Recognizing Dementia on Structural MRI - Timothy M. Shepherd, MD, PhD
  • Imaging in Pediatric Epilepsy - Benjamin A. Cohen, MD
  • Essentials of Fetal Neuroimaging: From Technique to Interpretation - Alireza Radmanesh, MD
  • Myelopathy - Girish M. Fatterpekar, MD
  • MRI of Lower Back Pain without Cynicism - Timothy M. Shepherd, MD, PhD
  • Imaging of Head Trauma: Don’t Miss Lesions - Yvonne W. Lui, MD
  • Imaging of Facial and Sinal Trauma - Matthew G. Young, DO
  • Nontraumatic Emergency Neuroraradiology: A Case-Based Approach - Alexander Filatov, MD
  • Dual Energy CT for Neuroimaging - Adam J. Davis, MD
  • Deep Spaces of Neck - Mari Hagiwara, MD
  • Salivary Glands - Gopi K. Nayak, MD
  • Vascular Lesions of The Head and Neck - Elcin Zan, MD
  • Master the Cranial Nerves I-VI - Maria J. Borja, MD
  • Master the Cranial Nerves VII-XII - Mari Hagiwara, MD
Date of Original Release: June 1, 2018
Date Credits Expire: May 31, 2021



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