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Methodologies of Multi-Omics Data Integration and Data Mining (EPUB)

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Format : EPUB

File Size : 8.8 MB

ISBN : 9789811982095 9789811982101

By Kang Ning

This book features multi-omics big-data integration and data-mining techniques. In the omics age, paramount of multi-omics data from various sources is the new challenge we are facing, but it also provides clues for several biomedical or clinical applications. This book focuses on data integration and data mining methods for multi-omics research, which explains in detail and with supportive examples the “What”, “Why” and “How” of the topic. The contents are organized into eight chapters, out of which one is for the introduction, followed by four chapters dedicated for omics integration techniques focusing on several omics data resources and data-mining methods, and three chapters dedicated for applications of multi-omics analyses with application being demonstrated by several data mining methods. This book is an attempt to bridge the gap between the biomedical multi-omics big data and the data-mining techniques for the best practice of contemporary bioinformatics and the in-depth insights for the biomedical questions. It would be of interests for the researchers and practitioners who want to conduct the multi-omics studies in cancer, inflammation disease, and microbiome researches.

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  • Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore, January 2023;
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789811982101
  • ISBN: 9789811982095


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