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McGraw Hill HESI A2 Review, 3rd Edition (EPUB)

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Edition : 3

Format : EPUB

File Size : 30.9 MB

ISBN : 9781265660079 9781265661816


Essential review and practice for the HESI A2 exam—revised and updated, with 400+ review questions and a full-length practice test

Passing the HESI A2 exam is required for admission to many nursing schools—and scoring well is essential when you're applying to the top programs. This book offers complete coverage of the three core sections of the exam and all the review and practice you need to feel fully confident on test day.

Revised and updated to offer more rigorous review and provide a more straightforward study experience, McGraw Hill HESI A2 Review, Third Edition includes new sections on water in the biology chapter, biochemistry (for chemistry), parts of speech and sentence structure (grammar), and more. You'll also find more questions about friction in physics, smart strategies for vocabulary, and more information on ratios and proportions, learning conversions, and more. In addition to the review questions at the end of each chapter, you'll also be able to test your mastery with a full-length practice test that helps you recreate actual testing conditions.

HESI A2 Review helps you get exam-day ready with:

  • New! The number of review questions has increased to more than 400—to help you measure your progress
  • A review question answer key ensures you're on track with detailed answers to every question
  • Easy-to-follow chapters that cover all subjects included in the eight core sections of the test: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physics
  • Strategies for interpreting different kinds of passages in the Reading section
  • A thorough review of the math concepts essential to the HESI A2
  • Extensive practice questions on biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and physics
  • Techniques for success on grammar questions involving misplaced modifiers, troublesome word pairs, and spelling
  • Tips to help you minimize mistakes in the HESI A2 format

Product Details

  • Publisher: McGraw Hill LLC; October 13, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781265660079
  • ISBN: 9781265661816


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