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Interventional Radiology and Surgical Management of the Trauma Patient 2021 (Videos)


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published date: 15 Jan 22

In this online CME program, internationally recognized leaders present a multi-faceted approach to care of one of the most challenging patients: the critically-ill acute trauma patient. Interventional Radiology and Surgical Management of the Trauma Patient focuses on current endovascular and interventional techniques and state-of-the art equipment used to perform life-saving procedures by both interventional radiologists and trauma surgeons.

Earn CME credits with lectures covering embolization, balloon occlusion, stent and stent-graft placement, and other downstream interventions. You get interventional radiology CME that covers all major topics in the global treatment of trauma, including:

  • exam choice and accurate diagnosis
  • arterial and venous injuries
  • solid organ trauma
  • pelvic trauma
  • firearm injuries
  • acute brain trauma
  • sepsis and infection control

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • State the appropriate interventional radiology and surgical diagnosis and treatment guidelines for solid organ injuries
  • Identify the unique challenges presented by the management of the trauma patient in the ICU
  • Discuss how the approach to the pediatric trauma patient differs from the approach to the adult trauma patient
  • Identify problems associated with the management of mass casualties
  • Describe the nursing and technologist role in the life-saving measures provided to the trauma patient

Intended Audience

This activity is designed for interventional radiologists and trauma surgeons as well as other surgical sub-specialties, intensivists, ER physicians, technologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who care for critically-ill acute trauma patient.


You Make the Call: The Accurate Diagnosis of the Trauma Patient

Let's Make a Trauma Center - How We Did It - Debra L. Allen, MSN, RN, TCRN, CCRN-K

Fast Exam vs. CT Scan for Blunt Abdominal Trauma - Peter Bendix, MD, MPH

xHybrid CT vs. Fluoroscopy (4DCT) in the Management of the Trauma Patient - Osman Ahmed, MD

How to Approach a Positive Blush on CT-Angiography - Peter Bendix, MD, MPH

Exam Choice, Technique Optimization, and Role of CTA in the Unstable Patient - Osman Ahmed, MD

Resident Case Presentations - Hybrid CT - Karan Nijhawan, MD, Lea Hoefer, MD, and Alyssa Varsanik, MD

Fast And Furious: The Management of Arterial Injuries

Blunt Aortic Injury Repair – Timing and Management - Kenneth L. Wilson, MD, FACS

Stent Grafting for Major Vessel Arterial Injury - Divya Kumari, MD

Hemothorax and Intercostal Embolization - Jonathan Lorenz, MD

Periperal Arterial Injuries and the Trauma Surgeon - Kenneth L. Wilson, MD, FACS

Kill Me Now or Kill Me Later: The Management of Venous Injuries

Traumatic Major Venous Lacerations – Surgical Perspective - Priya Prakash, MD

Traumatic Major Venous Lacerations – IR Perspective - Osman Ahmed, MD

Endovascular Management of Caval Thrombosis - Osman Ahmed, MD

Resident Case Presentations – Arterial and Venous Injury - Ethan Ungchusri, MD, and Lea Hoefer, MD

Where Were You When…

Trauma Care for the VIP Patient - Jack Sava, MD

Interventional Radiology for the VIP Trauma Patient - Arshad A. Khan, MD, FSIR, FACR

November 22, 1963 - Joseph Goldstrich, MD, FACC

Chainsaw vs. Exacto-knife Surgical vs. Interventional Treatment of Solid Organ Trauma

Liver & Pancreas Trauma – The Surgical Perspective - David Hampton, MD

Liver Trauma – The IR Perspective - Christopher Molvar, MD

Pancreas Trauma – The IR Perspective - Jonathan Lorenz, MD

Kidney and Splenic Trauma – The Surgical Perspective - David Hampton, MD

Kidney and Splenic Trauma – The IR Perspective - Rakesh Navuluri, MD

Resident Case Presentations – Solid Organ - Kurt Zacharias, MD, Spencer Martens, MD, and Alyssa Varsanik, MD

Life is Like an Open Book: Fracture Pelvic And Polytrauma

Pelvic Trauma and Hemorrhage Control – The Surgical Perspective - Priya Prakash, MD

Pelvic Trauma and Hemorrhage Control – The IR Perspective - Rakesh Navuluri, MD

The Surgical Management and Complications of Firearm Injuries - Tanya Zakrison, MD

Daily Dilemmas

Resident Case Presentations – Pelvic Trauma - Patrick Tran, MD, and Lea Hoefer, MD

Daily Dilemmas – Controversies in the World of Trauma - Moderator - Rakesh Navuluri, MD, Panel - Drs. Sava, Zakrison, Prakash, Lorenz, and Khan

If I Only Had a Brain…And Intact Blood Vessels

Surgical Workup and Management of Blunt Carotid and Vertebral Artery Injuries - Priya Prakash, MD

Axillary and Subclavian Injury - Peter Bendix, MD, MPH

IR Management of Subclavian, Axillary and Pulmonary Artery Injuries - Christopher Molvar, MD

Acute Brain Trauma - David Kennedy, MD

Shock Treatment: The ICU Management of the Trauma Patient

Infections During Trauma – Shock-Critical Illness and the Micrbiome - John C. Alverdy, MD

Whole Blood Versus Component Therapy - Kenneth L. Wilson, MD, FACS

Reversal of Anticoagulation/Anticoagulation in the Trauma Patient - Priya Prakash, MD

Resident Case Presentations – Axillary Subclavian Injury - Austin Clarey, MD, Emily Sellers, MD, and Alyssa Varsanik, MD

The Use of Medicinal Cannabis in the Treatment of PTSD - Joseph Goldstrich, MD, FACC

Battlefield Trauma - Kenneth L. Wilson, MD, FACS

Operating a Trauma Center During a National Disaster - David Parkus, MD, and Kathy Rogers, MD

Date of Original Release: January 15, 2022
Date Credits Expire: January 15, 2025



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