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Functional Exercise and Rehabilitation: The Neuroscience of Movement, Pain and Performance (Original PDF from Publisher)

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Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 36 MB

ISBN : 9781482232356

Functional training develops the attributes and abilities required to perform tasks, skills and activities useful and relevant to daily life. Functional Exercise and Rehabilitation serves as an accessible and visual guide providing the essentials of therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation, including mobilization, stabilization and myofascial release.

This book begins by explaining functional training and the foundation of the STRIVE approach. Chapter 2 introduces functional anatomy and Chapter 3 explains the fundamentals of neuroscience. The final chapters discuss the STRIVE principles and apply them to exercise, program design and injury recovery. Each chapter includes key point boxes, illustrations and photos of exercises discussed.

Written by an exercise specialist and osteopath, this practical guide is presented in an easy-to-read style. Functional Exercise and Rehabilitation is essential reading for all health professionals, sports therapists and trainers involved in exercise prescription.

Product Details

  • Publisher:Routledge; 1st edition (March 31, 2021)
  • Language:English
  • Paperback:286 pages
  • ISBN-10:1482232359
  • ISBN-13:978-1482232356
  • ISBN-13:9781482232356
  • eText ISBN: 9781482232370


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