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ECG-2014-Pocket Brain (Expanded) (MOBI)

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Edition : 6

Format : MOBI

File Size : 18 MB


[caption id="attachment_20077" align="alignright" width="247"]ECG-2014-Pocket Brain (Expanded) ECG-2014-Pocket Brain (Expanded)[/caption]

Ken Grauer (Author)


The ePub version of ECG-2014-PB (Pocket Brainhas just come out! This ePub version takes the 260-page hard copy book version (ECG-2014-PB) to another level. Not limited by space constraints - we have literally TRIPLED the content of the hard copy book. Our goal is to provide KEY information fast. Near-instantaccess is at your fingertips with this electronic ePub version.

  • All key sections in this ePub are numbered for speedy localization using either the linked Rapid-Find Contents or convenient Search functions.
  • There is a LOT of material in this electronic ePub version! Our Acute MI section alone is over 100 pages, including comprehensive discussion on ECG recognition of ischemia/infarction, coronary anatomy diagrams integrated in a detailed segment on localizing the "culprit" artery - PLUS - separate subsections on recognizing RV and Posterior infarction; Clinical Uses of Lead aVR; Wellens Syndrome; DeWinter T Waves; Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy; Causes of Tall R Wave in V1; Giant T Wave Syndrome, plus LOTS of PRACTICE Tracings on Acute MI with Detailed Explained Answers.
  • We have also greatly expanded chapters from the hard copy ECG-2014-PB book on Rhythm Interpretation; Chamber Enlargement; Bundle Branch Block; Hemiblocks; Axis; QT Interval/Torsades; Early Repolarizaton and Normal Variants; Electrolyte Disorders; Acute Pericarditis; Brugada Syndrome; WPW (including WPW-related arrhythmias and localizing the Accessory Pathway); Use of the Computerized Interpretation; and Technical Aspects of Doing an ECG (with emphasis on recognizing common Technical Errors).
  • Clinical relevance is stressed throughout this ePub.
  • All illustrations are in color.
  • Numerous Practice Exercises are integrated with content along the way.
  • Over 600 pages - this is a stand-alone resource.


Product Details

  • File Size: 18452 KB
  • Print Length: 604 pages
  • Publisher: KG/EKG Press; 6 edition (January 16, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00HX29ZAO


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