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Bone and Mineral Disorders (Clinical Focus) (Original PDF from Publisher)


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published date: 07 Sep 20

The aim of this book is to focus on the bone and mineral disorders. The new knowledge in the field of bone and mineral metabolism and bone disorders has expanded vastly in the past 25 years. Mineral and bone disorder in CKD occurs when damaged kidneys and abnormal hormone levels cause calcium and phosphorus levels in a person’s blood to be out of balance. Mineral and bone disorder commonly occurs in people with CKD and affects most people with kidney failure receiving dialysis. This book consists of 12 chapters, which include skeletal and mineral homeostasis, nutritional aspects of calcium and vitamin D, disorders of phosphorus metabolism, rickets and osteomalacia, parathyroid hormone independent hypercalcemia, primary hyperparathyroidism in the Indian context, hypocalcemic disorders, diagnosis of osteoporosis, management of osteoporosis, and anabolic agents for treatment of osteoporosis. Discovery of novel mechanisms involved in bone resorption through osteoclasts and bone formation through osteoblasts, has allowed the development of effective therapeutic agents for osteoporosis, resulting in reduction of fracture risk and reduced mortality. This book will provide a strong basis for basic understanding of bone and mineral physiology and treatment for disease states.

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