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ASN Renal Physiology – Structure and Function in Kidney Health and Disease 2022 (On-Demand and Livestream)

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Format : 16 Videos

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This program provides an overview of the structure and functions of the kidneys and details about the major structural compartments of the kidney, including the renal vasculature, glomeruli, tubules, and interstitium. These compartments are discussed at the ultrastructural and molecular levels. Additional discussion includes the functions of these compartments and how they link to structure. Further, integrated functions of the kidneys that lead to the maintenance of body homeostasis are covered.

Course Objective(s)

Upon completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

1) explain the complex course that results in normal nephron and kidney development or congenital abnormalities of the kidneys and urinary tract

2) outline the components of the nephron and how they work in concert to form urine

3) discuss the varied roles of the kidney in homeostasis and how alterations can result in a range of disorders related to volume, electrolytes, or proteinuria

4) identify new research questions to build on current understanding of kidney physiology

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