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Advanced Drug Delivery Systems for Colonic Disorders (EPUB)


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published date: 13 Apr 24


Advanced Drug Delivery Systems for Colonic Disorders present the current state of the art methods for targeted drug delivery to the colon. These methods can prolong drug half-lives, improve bioavailability, optimize pharmacokinetics, and reduce medication dosing frequency.

Chapters are written in a way that allows the audience to not only become familiar with the most recent advancement in the field, but to better understand them by referring to various illustrations, figures, and informative tables. The contents cover an overview of colonic diseases, the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved, current and traditional therapeutic approaches, biomaterials, oral drug delivery methods, targeted drug delivery, nutraceuticals and herbal medicine approaches, prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics, nanomedicine approaches, and the current status of clinical trials in the area.

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems for Colonic Disorders is the perfect resources for researchers in pharma, biomaterials, and nutrition to familiarize themselves with new and upcoming therapeutic methods. Research physicians in GI can also benefit from reading this book for its clinical applications.

Covers recent perspectives and challenges towards the treatment of colonic disordersProvides insights into how advanced drug delivery systems can be effectively used for the management of various types of colonic disordersDiscusses drug delivery strategies to manage inflammatory bowel disease (chronic inflammation in the digestive tract), ulcerative colitis (inflammation and ulcers in colon), Crohn's disease, Colonic polyps, Shigellosis, Colon Bleeding or Hemorrhage, Diverticulosis and colon cancer

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  • Publisher: Elsevier Science; November 4, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780443140440
  • ISBN: 9780443140457



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