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Acadoodle 2021 (Videos)


Format: 220 Videos

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published date: 09 Apr 21

Acadoodle is a leading online learning company focussing on the medical and health-sciences sector. The company was the brainchild of Dr. John Seery and Dr. John Ryan who wanted to create an effective and enjoyable way to learn complex medical and health-science concepts.

Acadoodle was founded on the premise that richly-animated  high-quality tutorial videos are far superior to the regular "some guy with a powerpoint" style of teaching.

Initially working in the same country, remote development of the site and videos was not an obstacle when they were parted by 17,210 kilometers! Both Johns have been recognised for teaching excellence with several consecutive Premier Teaching Awards from University College Dublin.


-Normal ECG

-The Cardiac Axis

-Cardiac Chamber Enlargement

-Myocardial Infarction and Ischemia

-Cardiac Conduction: General Principles

-Cardiac Conduction: Atrioventricular Block

-Cardiac Conduction: Bundle Branch Block

-Arrhythmia Diagnosis

-ECG Diagnosis of Tachycardia

-Ventricular Tachycardia: ECG Diagnosis

-Paroxysmal SVT

-Atrial Fibrillation & Flutter

-Avoiding Error in ECG Diagnosis

-The ECG from First Principles

-Identification of pH Disturbances on the ABG

-Acid-Base Disorders: Identification & Causes

-Mixed Acid-Base Disorders

-Oxygen Measurements on the ABG

-PaO₂ & PaCO₂


-Sodium - Physiology

-Sodium - Clinical


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