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4D Imaging to 4D Printing (EPUB)

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Format : EPUB

File Size : 7.7 MB

ISBN : 9781032071367 9781000822939 9781000822991 1032071362 1003205534 1032071389 9781003205531 9781032071381

This book focuses on applications of 4D imaging and 4D printing for development of low-cost, indigenous lab-scale solutions for various biomedical applications. It is based on a selection of benchmark open-source 4D imaging solutions including the effect of different stimulus (such as light, electric field, magnetic field, mechanical load, thermal, hydro, and so forth) to better understand 4D capabilities of printed components. The material is covered across nine chapters dedicated to 4D imaging, 4D printing, and their specific biomedical applications illustrated via case studies related to orthopaedic and dental requirements of veterinary patients.

The book:

•Presents exclusive material on the integration of 4D imaging and 4D printing•Demonstrates the industrial applications of 4D imaging in 4D printing using multiple case studies•Discusses use of open-source 4D imaging tools for biomedical applications•Includes in-house development of smart materials for 4D printing•Reviews low-cost, indigenous lab-scale solutions for various veterinary applications.

This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Engineering.

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  • Publisher: CRC Press; December 30, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781032071367
  • ISBN: 9781000822939


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