Molecular Anatomic Imaging: PET/CT, PET/MR and SPECT CT, Third Edition (EPUB)

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by Gustav K. von Schulthess MD PhD (Author)

Practical and clinically oriented, the third edition of Clinical Molecular Anatomic Imaging focuses on PET/CT, SPECT/CT, and PET/MR examinations – precisely the information you need to know, without lengthy physics discussions. Ideal for clinical hybrid imaging users, it fully integrates all applications, allowing you to easily compare modalities and decide whether to use PET/CT, PET/MR, or SPECT/CT to solve a clinical dilemma. More than 1,600 high-quality illustrations document the use of integrated imaging and provide superb visual  references for interpreting integrated imaging studies.Key Features:
  • Covers established and emerging indications for the three most versatile and powerful hybrid molecular anatomic imaging modalities currently in clinical use: PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR.
  • Follows a practical, disease-based structure.
  • The only available book that incorporates the emerging field of PET/MR in a systematic manner.
  • More than 1,600 superb illustrations document the use of integrated imaging.
  • A new section covers workflow and normal scans with various clinical tracers.
  • Sharp focus on clinical applications, omitting technological and radiopharmaceutical details.
  • Each chapter is self-contained and can be consulted for quick reference on its own.
  • World-renowned clinician-scientist Gustav von Schulthess provides editorial leadership and a strong understanding of both nuclear medicine imaging and cross-sectional imaging.
  • Product Details

    • Hardcover: 704 pages
    • Publisher: LWW; Third edition (June 16, 2015)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN 10: 1451192665
    • ISBN 13: 9781451192667

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