Gale Encyclopedia of Prescription Drugs: 2 Volume Set

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by Gale


Gale Encyclopedia Of Prescription Drugs, a two-volume set of 300 entries, is a comprehensive consumer resource on the most commonly prescribed drugs describing potential side effects, drug and food interactions, recommended dosages, and warnings/precautions. Entries follow the standardized, balanced format of the health/medicine Gale Encyclopedia of … line of titles. The addition of Key Terms sidebars enhances the main body. All entries have a bibliography and color image of the drug. The front matter includes an introduction and foreword by one of the advisors and the back matter has a subject index, glossary, list of organizations, and Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist.

Features and Benefits

  • Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist — list of questions for patients to ask their pharmacist or healthcare provider when obtaining a new prescription.
  • Entries provide information on drug interactions with other drugs, herbs, vitamins, supplements, food, and other substances.
  • Foreword helps users understand the difference between prescription drugs vs. over-the-counter drugs and also provides other useful information.
  • Narrative sidebars offer users personal examples of drug interactions or adverse side effects to help readers recognize warning signs.
  • Key Terms sidebars explain more complicated medical terms.
  • Drug images include in each entry.
  • Resources sections at the end of each entry include sources referenced in the text as well as resources for further reading.
  • Organizations appendix provides contact information for related organizations.
  • Front matter includes two lists of entries: one arranged alphabetically and one grouped by drug class.
  • Drugs can be located by either their generic or brand name.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781573027427
Publisher: Gale Group
Publication date: 09/11/2015
Series: Gale Encyclopedia of Prescription Drugs

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