Circuits for the MRCPCH

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by Damian Roland, Richard Neal, Shabna Rajapaksa

This title is directed towards MRCPCH candidates in the UK and other countries where MRCPCH is offered. It provides a complete revision aid for the new OSCE-style MRCPCH clinical exam. It is designed and written to be as close as possible to the actual exam. Each chapter is a ‘circuit’ and will include all the written stations. The questions are laid out in exactly the same format as the exam, and the answers are written in a friendly style by authors who have recently been through the process and can offer valuable hints and tips.

• Sample questions mimic exam conditions – there are no clues to the answers, as is usually the case in more traditional system-based books.
• The fully explanatory answers provide not only clinical information but a framework for answering similar questions – extremely useful on the actual day of the exam.
• Can be used at the beginning of the revision process – to check progress and highlight weaknesses.
• Can also be used as a last-minute check right at the end of revision – to be sure all bases have been covered.
• Ideal for group revision work, especially for the communication and role-play stations.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780443103353
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 08/24/2007
Series: MRCPCH Study Guides Series
Pages: 268

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