Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: A Guide to Clinical Practice (PDF)

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Bernard AmmererBernard Ammerer

The initial idea to write a book on oncoplastic techniques was raised through a meeting on breast cancer treatment in Saalfelden, A- tria two years ago. Contrary to the rather minor role breast surgery is conceded today compared to other treatment modalities the s- geons role on the further outcome of the disease is crucial and never compensated by radiation or adjuvant therapy. Whereas surgery a decade ago was merely excision of the cancer and closure of the wound leaving behind a mutilated breast in many women, the advent of oncoplastic surgery completely changed the modern surgical approach to breast cancer. The concept of oncoplastic breast surgery combines oncologic – mor resection – either breast conservation or mastectomy – with t- ditional or less traditional plastic surgical techniques. The primary goal is to achieve an optimal cosmetic result with long time local tumor control. Some (non – randomized) studies available in patients following breast conservation oncoplastic surgery showed tumor resection to be associated with wider free margins, less patients needing re-operation surgery for involved or close margins, a widening of the indications for breast conser- tion surgery, a low complication rate and at least an equal local recurrence rate. There is no doubt that oncoplastic breast surgery experienced a r- id rise with more patients demanding this kind of surgery. However, a profound knowledge of the different oncoplastic techniques is – sential for the outcome.

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